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This is about me i will keep you updated on my life... I have no idea why you would want to know about my life but what the hell here we go...
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   Thursday, February 21, 2002
Well i went and saw the harlim globetrotters today up at GM Place it was a good show great fun...And i watched Dude where's my car today it is an amazingly good movie I recommend it to everyone

Geez i don't have a lot to say anymore maybe i will on saturday cause im getting wasted friday night so for now cya.

   Friday, February 15, 2002
Well i finally got my phone activated so booooyeahhhh.
I have to work at 6 am tommorow and thatjust screws over my entire weekend it's bullshit. but on the other hand its money. I urge you to check out 8-bit theater especially if you have ever played the original final fantasy, it's a hilarious comic that he has made about the characters in FF1. Well i might post again tonight but right now im watching the simpsons...

   Thursday, February 14, 2002
I get pissed off when a website doesn't work but i really get mad when a big website messes up. Im trying to activte my cell phone so im thing oh i'll just go to the web site and sign up...well that would have worked except for the fact that the god damn site was down. How the hell am i supposed to get my cell phone working (which i have had since the start of january) if i can't get to the damn sign up page. damn it all im to pisse doff to write.

   Wednesday, February 13, 2002
I had this great idea...or so i thought it was, anyways i was thinking why don't i put a counter on my web page and count how many hits i get, then it hit me (no pun intended) who the hell is gonna read my blogs except me...well no one so i think that would probably depress me to see i got...0 hits today.

On to the subject of work i work at the local McDonalds and oh god do i hate my job. Not only do i hate my job but i hate half the people that work with me so the fact that i have to work 6 hours tonight pisses me off. We got a new head manager and its a fucking chick, we have way to many chick managers at my reasturant and they are all bitchs i haven't met the new one yet so hopefully she won't be, but you never know...

   Tuesday, February 12, 2002
Well this is the first to what i know will be many posts *explitive* i hate this already. Anyways...
We have this shitty thing that we have to do so that we can graduate it's called an SLP and basically its a bunch of shit from your high school years well my tag teacher who has ignored this for 5 years went out and bought a ton of pizza and pop for us and the idea was we would go in have a bunch of food and work on the SLP's well only like 9 of 25 ppl showed up so it was basically a pizza and 2L pop for everyone there and also our SLP's will be marked easier for going to that so to all the people that ddin't go hahahaha fuck you when you don't graduate. Have fun and tommorow i will let you read more into my horribly boring life that i have choosen to write about.